Thursday, September 13, 2007

Write with abundance energy

Career is very important. The obvious reason is income and earnings but there are other reasons too. Like satisfaction, feeling of self-accomplishment, getting respect for us from others as well as having self respect.

A good career creates confidence and a feeling of well-being. For this you need to have a good electromagnetic field around you. What you need to do is energise your career corner according to Feng Shui. This will help you in gaining abundance in career.

Enhancing careers with Feng Shui is a popular subject in Feng Shui. It is second to generating wealth, energizing the career sector ranks high in interest among those interested in using Feng Shui to better their lives.

It makes sense due to the amount of time we spend at our jobs. So whether you are at your desk at office or at home you need to have a consistency in your positive electromagnetic fields. It also is understandable because to have a successful career enables us to make better decisions for ourselves and our families.

It doesn't always necessarily mean that you simply make more money. Money by itself doesn't ensure or solve all the ills of career problems. Of course, it doesn't hurt though making money. However, there are plenty of people out there making good salaries but unhappy with their respective careers.

When you energize areas that you would like to improve or enhance on, it's possible to open up a range of possibilities. For instance, by energizing your career sector, your job may suddenly become better, or something new and better will be coming to you that you hadn't expected at all, such as a business opportunity.

But this is the price of making changes -- you get more changes in your life, and therefore, more choices! And, that's what you usually want in your life: more opportunities and choices to create greater happiness for yourself and your family.

There are two critical and very important areas to enhance if you want to improve your career: your house and your office. Apart from this you can have cures and enhancers on your self too.

Feng Shui application can be done with the help of Feng Shui charms and amulets. You can use crystals. You can use colors. They are known as Feng Shui cures and enhancers.

Your Feng Shui cures do not have to be big, or centre of attraction. It need not be an expensive object. It can be simple and well placed in your home, office, work desk etc.

You can have your Feng Shui cures in smaller size and "on-the-go" to constantly work on your personal energy, as well as surround you with a subtle aura of protection.

It could be a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, a mobile hanging etc. it could be a decoration at home or in the office space. It can be a table top or a wall hanging.

It can be a color on the wall or desk. It could be a particular shade of a color that your personal energy responds to.

You can use these for a variety of purposes. Like for instance to strengthen your health, family harmony, to attract a better love relationship. To improve on opportunities for job or wealth creation.

When exploring the richness of the Feng Shui symbols, do not negate a Feng Shui cure just because it looks unusual or too exotic. You can have it hidden, as cures do not have to be in plain view, or you can find a similar Feng Shui cure from your own culture that would carry the same Feng Shui energy of good luck and protection.

This does not mean that if we have a money frog for example which indicates wealth symbolically in Feng Shui we do need to work any more. It certainly does not mean that wealth will accumulate on its own. No, in no way does it mean that we don’t do anything and await a ‘magical’ response.

What Feng Shui helps with is in ‘creating better opportunities’. This simply means that better opportunities will throw up. And we will be in the state to avail of these better opportunities.

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