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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your blog freelance writing has a huge impact

Customers often do not realize the value their reviews have to local business owners who use the reviews to learn more about who their potential clients are. Since URateLocal brings local people together, it can also be used to network offline. This ability to form an outside community of people who share the same tastes in art, music, food, and recreation represents a new era in Web 2.0.

URateLocal is a peer review database where people can rate customer and seller reviews on local services while earning money for contributing their own reviews. The site is designed so people can browse reviews of the most popular venues in their area by review and reviewer ranking, tags, and more. The growing URateLocal community determines the popularity of a review by rating it according to its usefulness. It is a system where customers benefit from each others experiences. The site also enables more collaboration between customers and business owners by allowing business owners to link to any customer review for free.

Customers have used URateLocal to search local services in their area and plan trips and meetings away from home while business owners have used its capability as a trending tool to make improvements to their business model. Customers can earn extra income through URateLocal’s profit share program in which they earn money through Google Adsense. Users who post reviews can now get compensated for helping the growing Urate community make more informed choices when it comes to choosing the best college, finding the most reliable health care provider, or finding the most exciting entertainment venue. The site operates on the principle that those who benefit from other user reviews can help the author of that review make money by commenting on it or recommending it. Reviews that are ranked high by the URateLocal community stay in the database longer and can be featured on the front page where their reviews can be seen by a much bigger audience.

Customers often do not realize the value their reviews have to local business owners who use the reviews to learn more about who their potential clients are. It is recommended that when members register, they include all their demographic info which will help local business owners help them in a system the Urate team likes to call the “Circle Of Progress”. While the demographic info helps local business owners market their services even before they have a location, customers will be the first to know when a service catering to them will open in their area. The more demographic info you provide, the more local business owners could use that information to attract the customers they want by tagging their reviews, adding pictures and videos, and posting links to URateLocal reviews on their homepage, blog, or any other site that allow button links. Through this “Circle of Progress”, URateLocal aims to bring customers together with the services that matter most to them.

For those with entrepreneurial dreams, URateLocal along with its product review counterpart URateStuff are the perfect place to test your product or service in a system that helps you target a demographic, find buyers and investors within the Urate community, or seek professional advice from business owners who update their member pages to include up to the minute bio and contact information. The data that is compiled on URateLocal and URateStuff are available to everyone and useful to those who do market research in their field of expertise.

URateLocal and URateStuff are the only review sites that allow users to post videos in their reviews. Customers can post video reviews and videos that detail their experiences using a product or service while sellers and business owners can post video ads in which they can be creative in how they choose to position their product. Sellers can also take advantage of the video format by posting live tutorials and using their personality to give their product or service more credibility.

More multimedia and web 2.0 features are currently in development at URateStuff and URateLocal to make it one of the most viral social networks for users looking to find others with similar interests. Users can make friends, subscribe to RSS feeds for automatic updates, and upload multimedia content. The site is featuring cities from the U.S. and Canada with more updates coming soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Get Freelance Work By Networking

When you think about networking, do you visualize a bunch of people standing around schmoozing, trying to pitch their services to each other while exchanging business cards and “elevator speeches”?

You know, some people actually enjoy that sort of thing. And when they do it right (which is a rare talent), they reap genuine rewards. Rewards such as new clients, joint venture partners, knowledgeable advisors, helpful friends… in other words, mutually beneficial relationships.

But for many of us, the idea of going to a networking event ranks right up there with bathing an angry cat. Even if we think it ought to be done, we’d rather be flea food.

Don’t worry. There’s much more – and less – to networking than you think! You can reap the same wonderful rewards without having to mingle with a bunch of strangers.

Important: With any kind of networking, the key is to build powerful relationships by giving. Give your attention, advice, ideas, suggestions, support, compliments, referrals – and maybe even your business – to others. Give, give, give… then receive more than you can imagine!

There are many ways you can get freelance work by networking, even if you hate schmoozing. Below are four powerful examples.

1. Tell your family and friends about your freelance writing services.

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at how many people fail to do this.

You don’t have to pitch your services to your family and friends, but you certainly should not be keeping them secret! You’ll have many opportunities during normal conversations to mention that you enjoy writing and even earn a little money doing it for clients. Just plant the seed and eventually it can grow into unexpected business.

And remember, even if your family and friends have no need for a freelance writer, it’s very likely that they know someone who does. For example, maybe your sister’s hair stylist owns the salon and could use some help with her marketing materials.

Key: Every person has connections to an average of 250 other people. When you decide not to mention your services to cousin Annie and neighbor Tom, you’re missing an opportunity to offer your services to hundreds of people they know!

2. Engage in virtual networking.

You do this online, from the comfort of your home office. Besides the benefits of not having to deal with people face-to-face, virtual networking allows you to create contact lists and join online communities comprised of people from all over the world. Most of these people you would probably never meet in any other way. Your virtual network can grow larger and faster than any form of traditional network.

Are you on someone’s email list? (Of course you are!) When they ask for opinions, give yours. When they raise an issue that’s of interest to you, send them a response about it. If they’re selling something you can benefit from (and it fits your budget), buy it – then give them positive feedback about it.

Key: Become someone they know and enjoy hearing from, rather than just one of the many anonymous names on their mailing list.

Participate in online discussion forums, especially those where your ideal clients hang out. Lurk before you leap so you don’t jump in and accidentally make a fool of yourself (not good for winning clients). Read the posts, get a feel for the ambiance. When you have something worthwhile to contribute, start participating. If the forum rules allow it, include a signature block that has a link to your website. But do NOT sell your services! Give valuable advice freely. The idea is to show your knowledge, expertise and desire to help others.

Key: Eventually the forum members will get to know you, like you and trust you. The next natural step for them is to think of you when they (or people in their network) need the freelance writing services you provide!

3. Show off your talent.

Write, write, write! Submit articles to online article directories, write reports and/or ebooks, create your own website and e-zine – put yourself and your writing skills on display, always including your contact information. When appropriate, offer to provide free special reports or articles for people with whom you’re building connections through your virtual networking activities.

Consider giving free writing workshops through your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or other groups. If you have a job, check into offering “brownbag” (lunchtime) sessions on topics such as “10 Tips for More Effective Business Writing” for your coworkers.

Key: You want to become the obvious person people will think of when they need writing services.

4. Attend seminars.

What types of seminars, workshops, conferences or meetings do your ideal clients attend? Go to those events. For example, if you want to write website content, attend internet marketing seminars. They are networking goldmines and offer many opportunities to engage in natural conversations with people you want to meet. You don’t have to schmooze or pitch your services. Just be friendly, ask questions, participate in discussions, and be yourself.

Key: You’ll not only learn about the specific issues and topics your target clients are interested in, you’ll build relationships with them at the same time!

How can I recognize a work at home scam?

There are a few rules of thumb that I go by to determine if a work from home opportunity is legitimate.

1. Does it seem too good to be true? If someone is promising a lot of money, for little work - or it seems flavored to be a 'get rich quick' scheme, count me out.

2. Do they require money for more 'information' about the opportunity. Or do they require a down payment for materials (such as the envelope stuffing schemes, and other build crafts at home schemes.)

3. Do thorough research on any home business opportunity you consider joining. There are some legitimate ones though. But it takes a certain type of person to make these types of business opportunities work.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Your blog your money - earn it!

These days many across the world are relying on Internet. Whenever anyone wants to find out about products and services the simple and easiest research takes place on the Internet. For those who are newbees and have heard of earning from the net can sound 'wow' 'can I do this?'. At first it sounds exciting. You do want to believe it ofcourse. After all it is what sounds easy, fast and 'reachable' sounds great!

It is necessary to have a web presence - in a positive manner.

Lets see basics of making your blog a success

Good content – this is a must, a pre-requisite

Continuous good content – this is a must, a pre-requisite

First of all, Blog Rush is clearly a part of a traffic generation strategy. To know what is Blog Rush see on Your right hand side – scroll down. Yes, this very page that you are reading. You will see that there is this little block called blogrush. Yes this is Blog Rush. This is how it looks. And this is what it does too.

But you have to gain people’s attention FIRST.

To get someone’s attention with Blog Rush, the primary thing you need to do is write COMPELLING 7 WORD HEADLINES (or approximately no more than 40 characters including spaces). This guarantee’s your whole headline will be syndicated in Blog Rush’s widget without getting cut-off. Several common mistakes I’ve seen already is people who are:

To write a good “I’VE GOTTA READ THAT” Blog Rush headline, you must follow these simple rules:

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t use “slash” multi word variations of the same thing like “authority/expert”. This is not only confusing to read, but it also takes up valuable character space.
  2. Appeal to everyone’s ADD. People are clicking on Blog Rush story links because they are goofing off and want to be distracted. So play to that and write things that sound juicy and entertaining.
  3. Never forget that everyone cares about himself or herself. Try and make all your headlines relevant to the readers self interest. People who want to be distracted can then rationalize that they are REALLY learning something if they click on a link which is supposedly work related.
  4. Don’t lie in your Blog Rush headline. People will not only hit the “back” button faster then greased lightning if your story doesn’t deliver on what the headline promised, but they will be FAR LESS LIKELY to click on your future headlines.

Ok, so once you’ve gotten some traffic from Blog Rush, you want to turn that traffic into leads. That is, people who keep reading your blog and eventually buy something from you.

Sadly this is much harder than it sounds. As most people who are successful with social “stimulus” media will attest, many people who read your story are Social Media Stimulation Sluts who will be off to get their next hit before you can get the words “RSS Button” out of your mouth.

So, we must play to the readers stimulus seeking nature to keep them on our own blogs.

To do this, we need two things:

  1. The “Related Posts” Plugin, and
  2. Other Post “Crack” stories.

To understand this better see on top of this page. This very page that you are reading. Do you see video clippings? Yes people like to watch videos more than mere readings most of the time. This ensures and little break and your visitor on page will ‘hang’ around more.

If you follow the same formula I just gave you on how to write Blog Rush headlines, to write your Blog Headlines, you’ll be going in the write [right] direction.

- Then, just keep going at it until you get traction.

Also, in closing here are some other mistake’s to avoid:

  1. Don’t put the Blog Rush widget above your own site’s navigation
  2. Get rid of those RIDICULOUS social media links at the bottom of every post. The only people who have the power to get any of your posts ranking well in Social Media Networks don’t need the little buttons to do it. If they think you’re worthy, they’ll submit regardless. And those 2 Diggs you got could have been other actions which resulted in a MUCH BIGGER payoff. It’s a waste of blog real estate to have those buttons.

Check out the site ratings that you will find on this very page on your right hand side. This reflects the visitors it enables you to know how much more marketing you are to do. So that you get more visitors.

Search from the vast ‘ARCHIVE’ section just here on your right hand side of this page: here to know what you want to read. Read what benefits you. Have a good life.

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