Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tools for the freelance writer on the net

As a freelance writer most of the time you may need to start at the bottom. Unfortunately, many a times, the freelance writer may not be able to make it to large amount of monies. This phase can be very tedious and frustrating. It is only after a lot of hard work and persuasion that you may begin to see the cash register ringing at a slow but consistent pace.

Hence, at the very initial stage itself you must first determine whether you can afford to start as a full-time freelancer or need to stay with your day job and supplement your income during your spare time.

You must also arrive at a deciding if you want to be a niche or a general topic writer. A niche writer specializes in a specific topic or category of writing. Here there are pros and cons of course. In niche you concentrate and can go to the depths of a particular subject that you may have chosen. For example, if you have experience in the mass advertising industry, you could specialize in writing on media and advertising campaign based topics. On the other hand the general topics allow you to touch various subjects. It all entirely depends on how you want to go about your writing business.

Yes, at all points remember that you are doing business. And people who get in touch with you are looking for professionalism and a professional attitude.

Have a business plan. This comprises of what is going to be your core offering. What kind of marketing will you do. And what kind of monies do you expect. Luckily as a freelance writer on the net you don’t have much of infrastructure cots expect for a pc and internet and maybe a printer.

Next most importantly is a place. Where will you work. It needs to be a comfortable place. At the same time your place should be such that it allows you to think and have ideation.

These days people prepare a PayPal account. For you to be in business you need a bank account that is accessible to most. For this PayPal is a good option as most publishers and editors go in for money transfer from here.

And this is just the beginning. Keep marketing yourself. Join forums and write articles. Read on the other postings in this same blog. You will know what is to be done.

Happy writing!

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