Friday, August 31, 2007

Coping with your 'writer’s block'

Writer’s block. This is a situation that almost all writers go through sometime or the other.

Usually this condition takes place at the start of a writing project. Once you have crossed this block then it is back to smooth sailing. The main task for us writers is to tackle this block. First thing first. Accept it. Realising and accepting it is crossing 25% of the condition and moving towards the smooth writing stage.

Over a period of time you will learn how to realise it just as it is about to take place. Having realised and accepted it the next stage is to tackle it.

What do you prefer and how best you are comfortable is the question. You have to figure out if you are more comfortable on the computer or first on paper. Where can your thoughts pour out. Make this position clear within yourself.

Next is to understand the surrounding environment. Do you like noise, sitting at the balcony, coffee shop, or generally TV or music going on in the background. Or pin drop silence. In what situation does your mind start to function better.

Try to write whatever comes to your mind. The palace you are at. The thoughts that are chatting in your mind. The color of your room. Simply put, whatever comes to your mind pen it. Put it down. You never know these musing could come handy later on.

Hopefully by now you start getting focussed.

Similarly a block can come in-between the writing project. Suddenly you find yourself either not thinking anything or probably thinking too much to be organised. This is the right time to take a break. Do something else. Watch TV., listen to music, chat with someone. Simply put just move away from your workstation. Then come back again. You should feel refreshed by now.

And continue to write. Happy writing!

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